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Lion Cub Fitness (KidFit)

 Our roots are in CrossFit: WODs, competitions, the open, and that community spirit. But we’ve grown from being just a CrossFit gym. Our vision is to create a space where people will get strong and fit in the safest way possible, supported by programs that are 360-degrees. So, while we are proudly home to Lion’s Roar Crossfit, we also offer nutrition, yoga, barbell, aerobic capacity and more.


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Lion’s Roar is first-most a community. Knowledgable and encouraging members and coaches will help motivate, teach and challenge one another. We’ll sweat, laugh and whine together. We’ll celebrate PRs, loudly and enthusiastically. We’ll get stronger, faster, better week after week, together.

Through consistency, proper mechanics and then intensity, we’ll help you achieve your fitness goals — and we’ll have a helluva good time doing it.

Featured Programs

The best routine is the one you’ll stick to, so we make sure there’s a class you’ll love. Whether you prefer 1:1 coaching, the variety of CrossFit, olympic lifting, or cardio- we got you. Then we round it out with offers like yoga and nutrition to ensure that you stay healthy, recover well and see results. Nothing matters more than your own hard work, but the Lion’s Roar community will be there to teach, support and cheer you on.


High intensity, always varied, group workouts consisting of a wide range of movements that can be modified for everyone.


Individualized attention, whether you want to master a specific skill, lose weight, build strength or simply prefer one-on-one to the group classes.


Our oly classes and barbell club, dedicated to improving your technique in the snatch and clean and jerk.

Five Star Members. Five Star Gym.


“Lion’s Roar is probably one of the most welcoming gyms I’ve been too. The coaches are focused on form and helping you get to where you want to go. The gym is large, has showers, and any equipment you may need. If you need a good workout go to Lion’s Roar and if you also want to make some friends while you workout it’s a great place for that too.”

Maggie Stouffer

“I came to Lions Roar with NO CrossFit experience. James and Taylor were enthusiastic about teaching me proper form and technique along with how to lift safely. The overall atmosphere is everything I could ask for in a gym facility and the camaraderie and motivation is out of this world!”

Sally King


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