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Our most popular options are listed below.

Group Classes

The best of both worlds. You’ll have the comraderie and friendly push from other athletes in the class along with the instruction, intentional programming, and oversight of a knowledgable coach.

results-oriented programming

Even with a simple objective like losing weight or gaining muscle, there are nuances to accomplishing your goal and getting the most out of your training.

That’s where we come in.

Our goal at Lion’s Roar is for you to be able to show up, do what’s on the board with every bit of effort and focus that you can muster that day, and see positive, measurable results over time — without having to think about it.

Our coaches put a lot of time and thought into the gym’s programming, splitting the year up into specific training blocks, each with a clear focus and purpose.

Join the Family

We’re about more than that hour-long workout. We’re a community.

We have a kids class to get the entire family moving, in-house CrossFit competitions and Weightlifting meets so that you can test your training and cheer on your friends, and social gatherings so that we can relax and hang out together.

World-class equipment

Are we world-class athletes? Well, no. But we like nice things.

The gym is equipped with 1000s of lbs of bumper plates, competition kilo plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, soft plyoboxes, rowers, Eleiko weightlifting bars, five Eleiko platforms, GHDs, assault bikes, a set of jerk and pull blocks and loads of other equipment.

Whatever you need to get better, stronger, faster: we’ve got It.

Beyond the whiteboard

How you take care of yourself in the other 23 hours of your day is more important than how you train. You’ll get better results and ensure that you stay injury-free by focusing on recovery: mobility, sleep, nutrition.

Our coaches can’t follow you around 24/7, but we make sure you have the support you need to do recovery right. That means nutrition coaching, yoga classes, ROMWOD access.

We also offer seminars to help you master specific skills and focus on form: shoulder mobility, rowing, gymnastics, oly, and more!

Drop In

We love drop-ins! If you’re in town and need a spot to train for CrossFit, weightlifting, or other barbell work, check us out! You’re welcome at any of our classes or open-gym times.


Single Class



Week Unlimited


Classes & programs

Personal Training
Lion Cub Fitness (KidFit)

Five Star Members. Five Star Gym.


“Lion’s Roar is probably one of the most welcoming gyms I’ve been too. The coaches are focused on form and helping you get to where you want to go. The gym is large, has showers, and any equipment you may need. If you need a good workout go to Lion’s Roar and if you also want to make some friends while you workout it’s a great place for that too.”

Maggie Stouffer

“I came to Lions Roar with NO CrossFit experience. James and Taylor were enthusiastic about teaching me proper form and technique along with how to lift safely. The overall atmosphere is everything I could ask for in a gym facility and the camaraderie and motivation is out of this world!”

Sally King


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